Shower Filter Series BBS-103

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Shower Filter BBS-103

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Das Hong Kong Norm & Prüfung Zentrum (The Hong Kong Standards & Testing Center)beglaubigt “ AIZIA Badzimmer Produkte für die Dechlorierung” , der Prozent für die Dechlorierung 99.5% ist.

Es ist ganz einfach zu DIY und Installation innerhalb der 30 Sekunde.

Die Wassertemperatur ist immer stabil, keine starke Änderung. Der Filter wird nicht blockiert, deshalb brauchen Sie die Filterrückspülung nicht. Und es verringert den Ärger, der Sie den Filter regelmäβig umgekehrt installieren müssen.

Model BBS-103
Model of filter BSF-103-1
The material of filter Calcium sulfite certified by NSF16, SEH energy stone
Calcium sulfite certified by NSF16, SEH energy stone ABS
Calcium sulfite certified by NSF16, SEH energy stone Aizia patented strong magnetization
The ability of dechlorination About 8,000 Liters
(When the residual chlorine in tap water is 1 ppm)
The lifetime
The lifetime
About 6 months
(When the amount of usage of every user is 50 Liters every day )
The maximum water volume 8~10 Liters/ min
Operating temperature <60℃/td>
Water pressure 0.5~7.5 kgf/c㎡
Size/Weight (L)236 X (W)41mm / 185g
Sale Price/Special Price US$ 117/US$ 96,set
*"Aizia Remove Chlorine Showerhead & Filter" is DIY product, and we enclose residual chlorine tester. Customer can test the water quality by yourself*
*The lifetime of filter has some differences because of area*

1. To protect the hair and skin

Everyone, especially the beauty-conscientious ladies, is hoping to have a head of beautiful hair and healthy-looking skin. Mostly, they only remember to have good qualities of skin or hair care products but never think of the tap water they used for bathing and shampooing, and then, they turned to spending a lot of money on hair and skin care products and ignoring the fact that there was a limit that the expensive salon treatments can do to the hair or skin. The residue chlorine in tap water tends to turn the hair and skin acidic over time, and throw off the protein balance in hair and skin, depriving of their natural shine, leaving our hair and skin to unrelenting damages, or even bodily health. And a very crucial step in protecting your hair, skin and general health lies in removing the residual chlorine in tap water as a starter to restore your hair and skin with their original sheen and glow.

2. To rid of the risk of carcinogen arisen from inhaling excessive chorine residue when taking bath 

The latest medical report confirmed that the longer one spends bathing in a confined space, the higher the risk of contracting cancer. The product can effectively weed out the risk of developing cancer for inhaling excessive residue chlorine over an extended period of time.

3. To enjoy the pleasure of taking a mineral water-like bath 

The high-tech product of the energy-releasing zeolite produced by SHE Bio Energy Inc, USA releases many mineral substances which are beneficial to the skin and hair, allowing to enjoy the pleasure and quality of taking a mineral water-like bath that once available to celebrities only.

4. To purify and deodorize the water

The patented magnetization refines the water's molecules and purifies the quality of tap water to revitalize and deodorize the water.

5. To wash vegetables, fruits and rice etc... 

Preventing the vitamins or proteins of vegetables, fruits and rice are damaged from the residual chlorine.

6. To conserve water consumption

The device has been proven effective in conserving about 20% of your water bill spend showering or bathing.

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