Top Spring® Life Energy Water System-Household Model -102X-10

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Household Model

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  Top Spring® Life Energy Water System- EDM

For your health, what kind of drinking water do you drink? Bad drinking water is profitless; sometimes it’s harmful for our body.

At present, distilled water and R.O. water are popular among the public. These processes do filter tap water to a very clean state, and yet they remove trace elements in the water that are beneficial to human body as well. Long-term drinking of water treated as such not only causes unbalance of the essential nutrition to human body, but also makes the filtered water slightly acidic with a pH value of 5.5~6.5, which makes your body acidic and increase the burden to your body. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that this is the way a good drinking water is supposed to be. In addition, there are so many kinds of drinking water equipment in the market, which makes customers wonder how to choose good drinking water equipment that is best suitable for themselves. In fact, customers need to pay special attention to the following 9 items while choosing a drinking water equipment. Because a good drinking water equipment need to have the functions:


1. keeps the beneficial minerals in the water
2. removes chlorine, impurity and odor in the water
3. removes the harmful substances in the water, for example, heavy mental, agricultural chemicals and common carcinogens in tap water like haloform, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and so on. 
4. makes the cluster of water molecules smaller and easier for human body to absorb 
5. gives the water better anti-oxidation capability, allowing anti-oxidation just by drinking water. 
6. makes oxygen content high in the water to facilitate healthier bodies.
7. functions to preserve the freshness of foods and remove the pesticides in the fresh vegetables and fruit in addition to serve solely for drinking purpose. 
8. has appropriate surfactant capability to remove the harmful substances from food.
9. has high reduction power.


Household Application
Making tea, coffee and black tea

Using Top Spring Life Energy Water To make any kind of tea, coffee or black tea not only can save the amount of tea or coffee, but also can make their tastes and smells purer. Their refreshing flavors remain even after several hours or overnight. Make your milk and drinks with Top Spring Life Energy Water. It not only slows down oxidation, but also reduces ingestion of oxidants, making you healthier.
Isolation soaking for alcoholic and soy sauces

Soak bargain whisky, brandy, Japanese Sake, wine, Vodka, vinegar and soy sauce, for 20~30 minutes with Top Spring Life Energy Water. The liquors will attain the same qualities as those made over many long years, and further upgrade the product’s value. This feature cannot be obtained by any other form of water.

You can also pour 5% Top Spring Life Energy Water into alcohols, or pour 30% Top Spring Life Energy Water into vinegar or soy sauce, thus, you can taste the most natural and pure flavors out of them. Besides, this can reduce the amount of soy sauce usage without reducing its flavor. By doing so, it can lessen your salt intake and bring you a healthier and more economical life.
Removing the pesticide residue, antibiotics and harmful substances in food materials

Immerse fruit and vegetables with Top Spring Life Energy Water for 15~30 minutes. Pour out the water, then soak them again with Top Spring Life Energy Water for one minute. This will remove the harmful substances in fruit and vegetables, such as pesticide residue.

Immerse meat, chicken, duck, crab and fish in Top Spring Life Energy Water for about 15~30 minutes, pour out the water, and then rinse them with Top Spring Life Energy Water. This will remove antibiotics and harmful substances in foods.
Keeping food fresh

Immerse vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood with Top Spring Life Energy Water for about 15~30 minutes. This will maintain and lengthen food freshness and remove fishy smells. Then wrap these foods in plastic bags, and store them in fridges. This will prevent these foods from changing colors and from decaying, thus increasing their flavors and upgrading the values of their nutrients.
Upgrade live meat (e.g. seafood, poultry and beef)

Soak live fish, such as shrimp, fish, crab, and so on, with Top Spring Life Energy Water for one hour or up to 24 hours. Add some natural salt into it. This can help cleanse internal grime out of fish and shrimp, etc., and at the same time, it can promote meat freshness and quality.
Cooking rice, soup, and noodles and food preparation

Soak dry goods, corns and grains in Top spring Life Energy Water for about 10~20 minutes, then rinse it with Top Spring Life Energy Water. This can prevent damage to rice nutrition from chlorine in tap water, and can further remove pesticide residue and heavy metals, while preserving beneficial nutrients. It helps you to make delicious sweet rice and prolong the rice’s freshness through the strong oxidation-resistant function from Top Spring Life Energy Water.
Never shed tears again when peeling onions

We normally shed tears while preparing strong foods, such as onion. This is not a comfortable feeling. But when you use Top Spring Life Energy Water to soak and rinse onions, you will not be chocked up again or shed tears when cutting them.
Good for making facial masks and moisturizers

You can pour Top Spring Life Energy Water into small bottles for easier transport, so that you can supply water to your skin no matter when it needs moisture. You can also make DIY moisture-retentive masks. It’s really economical.
Useful for flower arrangement

Using Top Spring Life Energy Water for arranging flowers can help the flowers to last much longer.
For rearing pets
Provide your pets with Top Spring Life Energy Water drinking water; this is good for their health. Add Top Spring Life Energy Water into goldfish or tropical fishbowls; fish will be healthier and more energetic: also the fishbowls will not get dirty as easily. You can use Top Spring Life Energy Water to bathe your pets to free them from awful body odor.